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How being STABBED sparked his Music career!

Nuckles showing off his injury on the same day he sustained it

Moskva, Dec 5, 2018 ( –       A rap artist Nuckles, born in 1997 in Dubai, who has amassed many Youtube views and plays, is on the rise after his first song blew up and got noticed by WorldStarHipHop on Soundcloud.

      After being stabbed in a violent altercation relating to his past and illegal work, which he has been working in for 10 years since a child, Nuckles finally spilt all his emotions and feelings on a track dedicated to the person who stabbed him, leaving a huge scar on his stomach which he bears proudly.

      “Nuckles – FOMF” quickly gained traction due to his unique sound (Singing and rapping at the same time) and due to the video brazenly showing off the injury the day it happened. Hip-Hop and Rap fans quickly caught onto it and it was reposted by WorldStarHipHop on Soundcloud. Ever since then, he has gained a big fan-base on Instagram, steadily releasing new tracks, which Music reaction channels on youtube have noticed and started to react to (Eg. SnorDatDude).

      The instant attraction was most likely due to the depiction of real videos and crimes which relate to the Hip-Hop Scene and Industry, leaving viewers in awe. Nuckles has been making music on Reverbnation and Datpiff since he was 13 years old (under the name Nasshole), but never really took off due to the fact that he had no experience and a generic style of rapping. He also had no money for a studio and used a USB mic and a cheap laptop at the time.

      Nuckles claims to have had his whole life turned around when he sustained the close-to-fatal injury which almost left him dead, and was instantly fired up, recording his first track “FOMF” only 2 days after being stabbed. His other works include “5103”, “DRACO”, “Harass me”.

He stated that he currently lives between Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

A closeup of the injury in his car

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